About us

Welcome to our vanlife community! 

We are a small team of four friends (Sara, Miha, Žiga and Nejc), all sharing love for the vans, traveling, freedom, nature and kindness.

Seven years ago we started a community called Balkan Campers. We started to rent old school vans to travelers, which were eager to explore The Balkans. Nowadays we have 17 VW buses, each of them funky, different, with names and interesting stories to tell.

Our mission is based on authenticity, nature, personal attitude and freedom.

We can see how the technology and social media started to disconnect us from our roots. It is and will be an even bigger problem in the future. That is how the idea of GoVanalog was born.
Our trips are made with the purpose to help people reconnect with others, the universe and yourselves.

The concept is different than Balkan Campers because here you will travel in VW buses with other travellers. The key is the social factor and fun!

Our mission is based on next highlights:

Legendary VW vans

Our vans are more than just vehicles. All of them have names connected to a story from our region.
All our vans have personalities and soul. You will see what we mean when you meet them.
They come in various sizes, colors and models, united in happiness and good vibes. Driving them is easy, fun and exciting. Bi biiiiip!


Hidden spots

We will take you to very special places where normal travel agencies usually don’t go. We believe this is something you will like. At least we do when we are traveling.

Outdoor activities

Slovenia and Balkans are calling for funny things outdoor. Nature is so green and diverse. The best way to live a full life is to use forces of nature as our playground. Earth likes it. Let’s have some fun!

Local experience

We will literally take you to our friend’s living rooms and kitchens, where we will eat together, drink and share stories. Maybe you will recognize the differences in accents of Slovenian people. Country is so small but yet we have more than thirty of them.


Responsible travel

We realize the impact of tourism on nature is huge. What can we do to reduce it? First of all we will, drive around very slow in recycled vehicles which are 40 years old. A brochure with sustainable Roadtrip ideas is inside of every van.
If you will arrive to Slovenia by train, bus or any other public transport but plane, we will reward you. We are helping to recover the beautiful region of Carst, which you can explore in a few of our trips. The project is called “Drevo za Cerje” (A tree for the town of Cerje): https://www.drevozacerje.si/

In August of 2019, a big fire expanded through the beautiful Carst region in SW Slovenia, destroying important and beautiful forests of their authentic trees.
Miraculously the fire didn’t damage “Pomnik miru” – a beautiful monument in the middle of the forest which symbolizes peace, friendship and tolerance.
We will donate one tree for every participant of the trip.
Besides ecological impact the donations have a historical and peaceful meaning too.
We hope we can get new ideas from you too!


Reconnect with nature

Our main idea is to encourage you to join our trip, switch off your phones and forget about social media, TV, bad news, emails and other applications. Life is so much better when you slow down and connect with other people in person. Nature outside is amazing. Let’s spot the birds and the bees again after a while. There is no better healing than reconnecting to our mother earth, universe and most importantly – yourself.