Go crazy, Go Vanalog!

For the last few years, we have been testing and improving our new concept called GoVanalog. It is a project combining a solution to the problem of consuming too much technology, social media, stress and the concept of having a lot of fun!
The epicentre of trips are our funky camper vans and amazing people sharing similar visions of nature, love and environment.
Our region is incredibly beautiful and wild, with many places still untouched by capital and mass tourism. The best way to explore it is with old school camper vans.


Before start, we will offer you to store your smart phone in a box inside every van. For this, you will be rewarded.
Inside the vans, we will use Walkie Talkie to communicate. Do you remember?
We will pass you our old school analog camera and map. Let the analogue games begin!
We will take you to remote hidden places, to enjoy peace and amazing nature of Slovenia and the Balkans. We will be dancing around the bonfire, calling the wolves at night, hike, cook, raft, swim, drink, sing, meet locals with their funny dialects – and much more!


At the moment we are offering four different  1-day trips, three different 3-days trips and the crown of trips – 17 days Balkan Trip. If you are a private group, we can prepare a custom trip for your group too.
We are not a typical tourist agency with hourly planed activities. Freedom is more important. That is why trips are relaxed and flexible, without strict schedule.
All our trips start from Ljubljana and end in Ljubljana. If you need any information on how to get here in the fastest and economic ways, please write us or call us.


We are aware of the impact of tourism on our planet. We will reward you if you will come to Slovenia by train, bus or any other more sustainable travel than plane. On our trip we will try to do as minimal damage to the environment as possible. For every person joining our trip we will donate one tree to the local project called “Drevo za Cerje”: https://www.drevozacerje.si/ since they need it the most.


We want our trips to be affordable for everyone sharing similar ideas and visions. This is how we will ensure good people with good vibes on our trips.


We have opened tours on specific dates listed below the trips description.
We are also offering private tours for groups of minimum four people (1 day tours) six people (3 day tours) and ten people (17 days tour). Dates are flexible!


GoVanalog project is not filtering people by their age. Filter is people’s interest and state of mind. We accept people from all ages as long as they will sing with us next to the bonfire.


We do not and will not use them for this project, since we are trying to get you and ourselves off line. At least for a few days. Please call us or write to us directly.

We hope to see you soon in our small and beautiful country.
Stay cool & have fun!