17 Days / Balkan Funk

Day 1 – Let the analog games begin

Welcome to our analog tours with retro vans!
Balkan is the best playground for adventure travel. You will love it!
On our first day we will all meet in Ljubljana after breakfast, go through the tour, vans and driving. This tour is very special since you will stay together with our guides for the first 10 days. Last 7 days you will be road tripping on your own. With our 24/7 support!
Guides will explain the rules of the game. It is fun, we promise.
We will pack ourselves in the vans and start our journey.

Our first sleeping destination will be Cerknica, a town not far from Ljubljana.
We will arrive to the farm, surrounded by big old forest at around noon.

Slovenia has an extremely large number of big brown bears. And guess what – at the farm they offer a tour where you can go and try to spot one. Tour starts at 5 pm.

At night we will make a big bonfire and stare in it, hypnotized. Let the fire heal you from the inside.
If  we are lucky we will be able to hear the sounds of wolves howling to the moon.
We will be protected by the good witches, which by legend, live on the Slivnica hill close to the farm.. Hiiihaaaaabuuuuhuuuuuu.


Day 2 – Mysterious Lake, wine and food heaven

We will wake up in beautiful surroundings and count if all of us are still here. Do you remember the movie Blair witch project?
After having some delicious breakfast, we will finally explore the lake. With the canoes!
Cerknica Lake is one of the most amazing lakes in the world. Would you believe us if we would tell you that it is different every day? Its underground cave system is huge. Water is disappearing through the massive holes and caves and appearing in opposite direction also.
The locals will say – the lake is there, or sometimes it’s just simply not there.
When it is big, it is the biggest lake in Slovenia. When it is small it looks like a pond.

After a beautiful canoe ride, we will pack ourselves in the vans and continue on a regional road towards our next destination Bizeljsko.
On the way to Bizeljsko we will make a stop on the beach of Krka River. With her dark green color and rich flora and fauna, she is the queen of the region.

Each van will prepare its own lunch at the river. It is time to chill, swim and enjoy!
Fresh and reborn we will soon arrive to Bizeljsko, where a beautiful, young family will be waiting for us.
They live in a small castle, above the big underground wine cellar.
We will park the vans safely and stop driving for one day.
Let the hedonistic games begin!
First we will take a tour to the wine cellar to try all of their amazing wines. While tasting, singing and laughing in the cellar, mother Šaha will be preparing a tasty, local, organic dinner. Her father Bojan will tell us some interesting local stories.
For thirsty ones, wine tastings can continue further in the night. Cheers!


Day 3 – Temazcal, meditation & peace

Strong breakfast and Turkish coffee will wake us up and give us strength to continue our journey. Our next destination is a hacienda, which feels more like a spiritul temple, called Pacha Mama. The place was built by hands of the owner and his Peruvian wife.
First we will take a tour of this magical place to connect with it.
Then we will clean our bodies, minds and spirits in a ceremony called Temazcal. It is very healthy and liberating. Bienvenida abuelita!


Day 4 – Mountains, hike and waterfalls

From Pacha Mama we will head towards one of the most amazing valleys in this part of the world.
Hike right next to the clear spring will end with an impressive waterfall. We will spend the night at a camper stop inside the valley. Views of the mountains are aaaamazing!!!


Day 5 – Lake Bled, Lake Jasna and Julian Alps

After the breakfast we will head east, towards the pearl of Slovenia – Lake Bled. We will jump inside the lake, take a short walk and enjoy the amazing views around.
After Bled we will take a secret road through a magnificent forest and arrive to the heart of the famous EX-Yugoslavian ski resort Kranjska Gora. The town is beautiful so we will take a rest in an eco-camp nearby. If you will have some extra energy you can go and have some fun in the legendary local bar called Vopa.


 Day 6 – Mountain pass and Emerald river valley

From Kranjska Gora we will take a mountain pass to reach another beautiful destination in the heart of emerald Soča River.
We will park the vans at our friends place who  is a master and a guide for adrenaline sports on Soča River. We will prepare the lunch and chill in the amazing surrounding  nature. You will be able to see the peaks of the highest Slovenian mountain range, but at the same time enjoy the Adriatic climate. What a mixture!
In the evening we will prepare the bon fire and tasty dinner.
Our friend Črt will explain about the activities on Soča river for the next day. You will choose your favorite one. No activity is also an option.


 Day 7Adrenaline and Wine

 Adrenaline will wake us up the last day. Are you ready to connect with our most beautiful river? She is ready, feel it!

The best way to connect to the river is rafting. It is fun, safe and adrenaline at the same time.
Second great thing is canyoning. It is not on the Soča River, but in a canyon in the middle of the hill. Very funny and adrenaline too.

Excited, full of energy and stories, you will enjoy your last meal. Lunch is on us!
Our guides will prepare delicious BBQ. Veggie is also an option.

After the lunch we will take a ride towards our next sleeping destination, an eco-farm in the middle of beautiful Carst region. We will take a walk around and prepare for the best food and wine, which the farm can offer. We will sleep in our vans right next to the vineyards.


Day 8 – Adriatic coast

From the beautiful Carst region, our vans will be carrying us further south. Soon we will reach Slovenian coast and enter into Croatia. Their coast is bigger and much nicer than ours 😊  We will make a stop in the romantic coastal town of Rovinj. You will fall in love with its narrow streets, bridges and fishing boats.

Soon after Rovinj we will reach our sleeping destination, an Istrian town Peroj, the only village in Istria with people of Montenegro.

Time to put on your bathing suits and jump in the sea!
In the evening we will prepare a big bonfire and enjoy the stars and the moon.


Day 9 – Chilling on the beach

We will start the day late. The point of the day is to take it easy and relax. Beach is only a 100 meters away from our place. We will cook, swim, sleep, eat and have a lot of fun!


Day 10 – Adriatic coast highway, bbrrrrmmmmmmm

After a morning swim and breakfast, you will have your last coffee with our guides. From this point on you will be traveling on your own. Of course with our support through telephone, mail, whatsapp and more. You will get detailed information about further destinations, activities and places to sleep. You will decide either to do it or not. Freedom!

After saying goodbye to our guides, you will continue your drive through small Istrian villages. If you want to take it further you can go for one of the most scenic roads in our region, Adriatic coast highway. It is not really a highway but a beautiful road which connects two coastal areas of Croatia. You will be driving all along the coast. Views of islands and crystal clear beaches made of rocks and sand are amazing!
It is good to make a stop in Senj. A town half way to Šibenik. You will be there in the afternoon. Beaches are amazing, enjoy!


Day 11 – Dalmatian coast and waterfalls

The Panoramic road will continue all the way down to your next sleeping destination. A town called Šibenik. Home of one of the greatest basketball players ever. You are now in Dalmatia, the southern part of Croatia, our favorite!
Old town of Šibenik is simply beautiful and you will move 300 years back in time to a Mediterranean as it once was. Time for some romance and sea food!


Day 12 – Ancient city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

From Šibenik, you will make a turn for inland and continue roadtrippin by the famous Neretva river, towards one of the most amazing cities in the Balkans. You will take a break in beautiful Kravice waterfalls not far from the city of Mostar.
Old bridge in Mostar once connected Europe with the flavors of Orient. It is like the small Istanbul in the middle of Europe. Old Turkish cafes, restaurants, shisha pipes and amazing traditional Bosnian cuisine. For some bakshish you will convince brave local men to jump from the 20 meters high bridge. Their style of jumping is very special and old.


Day 13 – Fortress, rivers and EX-Yugoslavia

We usually don’t promote museums too much, however, there is one in Mostar you have to visit. You will get a clearer picture of conflict in the war of Yugoslavia. Experience will be tough, but happy people and good vibes in the streets  will put you back in a good mood.
After lunch you will head to one of EX-Yugoslavia most important cities – Jajce. Besides beautiful fortress, Roman Empire temples and mighty waterfalls, Jajce was extremely popular in Yugoslavia. It held the second Anti-fascist council in 1943. The revolution spirit is still present. Can you feel it?


Day 14 – Plitvice lakes

After Jajce you will head towards one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. We are sure you have heard about Plitvice lakes? An amazing Natural Park, where crystal clear water is flowing  in abundance through the mystic forest. You will explore the park and spend the night right next to it.


Day 15 – River of Kolpa

After Plitvice you will head back towards the Slovenian border. There is a beautiful river separating Slovenia from Croatia called Kolpa River. She is warm, clean, great for swimming, rafting or just enjoying the nature from its beaches. Local people here are amazing. You will love their food and wine too!


Day 16 – Back to Ljubljana

On the last day you will refresh in Kolpa, have some breakfast on its brink and head back towards Ljubljana. We will be waiting for you on the same spot as we started out the trip. You will come back different as you started the trip. Thank you so much for joining us on one of the biggest journeys of our lives!




–    1390 € / person = share a camper van with 3 more people
–    1670 € / person = share a camper van with 2 more people
–    1980 € / person = two people in one van

Price is lower since you are ready to share the van with more people.
We will combine people in the vans by your desires.
Just in case, we always have extra tents if sleeping combinations does not work for you.
*If you are a musician, we can offer you a special deal. Contact us!



What’s included: 

  • 16 days retro camper van rental
  • Gasoline for the first 10 days of the trip
  • 10 x sleeping
  • 1 x Mediterranean dinner & Wine tastings
  • Herbs workshop
  • Temazcal session
  • 1 x West Slovenia traditional Dinner & Wine tastings
  • 1 x BBQ
  • Bedding (sheet, pillow, blanket) for the whole trip
  • Drinking water for first 10 days of the trip
  • Organization of the whole trip
  • Presence of guides for the first 10 days
  • Distance guiding for the last 6 days
  • Analog map
  • Polaroid camera
  • Walkie talkie


*As mentioned our guides will be present for the first 10 days. Last six days you will be traveling on your own. However we will support you 24/7 also for the last six days with organization and through phone or whatsapp.


DATES     =     14.9. – 30.9.    
*Flexible dates if you are a group of minimum 10 people