3 Days / Wine and Adrenaline

Day 1 –Wilderness, hedonism and sheep

We will meet right after your delicious Turkish coffee in Ljubljana city center. Our annoying guides will explain the simple rules of the game. As you can expect the games are analog. We are talking about more maps, more talking, less social media, less stress.
One person from each van will be the driver. If you want all of you can drive or at least try to do it. It is easy and very cool!
After packing your backpacks in the camper vans, we will head west to the less known and magnificent Carst region.
As always, we will skip boring highways and ride nostalgic regional roads in style, easy with no rush. Don’t be surprised when people will be waving at you and sending you smiles and good vibes.
You will be able to observe real Slovenia’s country side, which is green, fun and diverse. Life is even happier from the window of an old VW van. IIIhaaaaaaa!
Guides will drive in the first van, your groups will follow. Do you still remember Walkie Talkie? This is how we will communicate.

After a few hours we will stop at our first sleeping destination. It is a biodynamic farm in the heart of the Carst region. We will park the vans right at the vineyard and enjoy beautiful views. Adriatic coast is just minutes away from the farm. Air we will breathe is a mixture of forest and Mediterranean. Climate is warm and windy. Flora and fauna are amazing.

Each van will prepare its own lunch. After we will chill a bit, listening only to birds and fellow Vanalogers.
After chilling we will have a walk around the farm to see what kind of crops they grow and what kind of animals they have. We will finish the short farm excursion with a natural herbs workshop which can you use to spiceup your food. It tastes amazing!
After the workshop we will prepare the vans for sleeping. They have to be parked on a flat terrain so we can prepare cozy beds and organize “who sleeps in which van” by your desires.
We will finish the day with a delicious dinner and wine tastings. You will love the old Carst stone house and the taste of their home made organic food.



Day 2 – Beach, Italy, waterfalls and bonfire

It is amazing to be woken up only by birds and the sun shining into your camper van bedroom. Time for some breakfast each van will prepare its own one. You will be able to buy all the necessary groceries, right before our start in Ljubljana.
After saying goodbye to all the farm animals, we will head towards the beach. The closest one is only 15 minutes away. In Italy! a part that used to be Slovenia.
Now it is not, but we don’t care a lot. Let’s jump in the sea because it’s hot!

After some swimming we will head towards the region with one of the most beautiful rivers in the world – Soča River.
We will park the vans at our friends place who is a master and a guide for adrenaline sports on Soča River. We will prepare the lunch and chill in the amazing surrounding Nature. You will be able to see the peaks of the highest Slovenian mountain range, but at the same time enjoy the  Adriatic climate. What a mixture!
After chilling we will take a walk to the emerald Soča River. She is wild, clear and proud and Its colors and purity inspired many Slovenian poets.

Only the bravest will jump inside. She is veeeeery cold.
After some jumps we will take a short walk to the highest Slovenian waterfall – Boka.
Relaxed and surrounded by beautiful nature, we will prepare the bon fire and tasty dinner.
Our friend Črt will explain about the activities on Soča river for the next day. You will choose your favorite one. No activity is also an option.



Day 3 – Adrenaline, BBQ and mountain pass

Adrenaline will wake us up the last day. Are you ready to connect with our most beautiful river? She is ready, feel it!

The best ways to connect to the river is rafting. It is fun, safe and full of adrenaline at the same time.
Second great thing is canyoning. It is not on the Soča River, but in a canyon in the middle of the hill. Very funny and adrenaline too.

Excited, full of energy and stories, you will enjoy your last meal. Lunch is on us!
Our guides will prepare a delicious BBQ with Črt. Veggie BBQ is also an option.

After the lunch we will take a ride through a beautiful mountain pass with green lakes and surrounding mountains.

You will be back in Ljubljana at approximately 6 pm.
It is Friday, time to go out!




–    280 € / person = share a camper van with 3 more people
–    330 € / person = share a camper van with 2 more people
–    410 € / person = two people in one van

Price is lower since you are ready to share the van with more people.
We will combine people in the vans by your desires.
Just in case, we always have extra tents if sleeping combinations does not work for you.
*If you are a musician, we can offer you a special deal. Contact us!



What’s included: 

  • 3 days retro camper van
  • Gasoline for the whole trip
  • 2 x sleeping
  • 1 x dinner + 1 x lunch
  • Bedding (sheet, pillow, blanket)
  • Drinking water
  • Herbs workshop
  • Organization + guides
  • Analog map
  • Polaroid camera
  • Walkie talkie



DATES     =      22.9. – 25.9.,           7.10. – 9.10.    
*Flexible dates if you are a group of minimum 6 people