3 Days / Virgin forest, Bears and Vineyards

Day 1 – Swimming and wolves listening in a magical forest

We will meet right after your breakfast in the beautiful Ljubljana Old Town.
As always our guide will explain the simple rules of the analog adventure that is about to follow. More maps, more talking, less social media, less stress.
One person or more, from each van will be the driver. It is easy and a lot of fun!
After packing your backpacks in the camper vans, we will head east to the less known region of Kočevje and later Bizeljsko. Typical tour guides in Slovenia will never take you here. Let’s explore the authentic, local and unknown!
Romantic regional road will take us through the beautiful forests and villages.
Before reaching our first sleeping destination, we will make a stop by the small lake. Time to put on your bathing suits and jumps inside! The one with the funniest jump will get a hug from the guide and a beer from the group.

After swimming we will continue our ride through the oldest, wildest and most magical forests in Slovenia.
We will park our vans next to the magical, old wooden house in the middle of nowhere. First houses are more than ten kilometres away. Only birds, deer and bears will be our companions.
It is so cool to prepare the lunch in the van and eat in nature. You will see!
After lunch it’s time to chill and listen to the sounds of wilderness.
Before night will fall, we will take a walk in the old virgin forest. A local expert will explain everything about bears, wolves, wild boars, old trees and much, much more.
Who would of thought this kind of wilderness exists in the middle of Europe.

We will try to track the bear’s footprints or wolf’s hair.

After the tour in the old forest, we will return to the magical house.
Diner is on us!

After dinner we will prepare the vans for sleeping and enjoy a silent night under the stars. Old owls will start to talk soon after the sunset. If we are lucky we might also hear the sounds of wolves or the giant reindeer.


Day 2 – Vineyards, food heaven and amazing family

We will wake up in the beautiful forest and prepare the breakfast. After saying goodbye to the owls, we will continue riding the magical roads to our second destination – Bizeljsko.
On the way to Bizeljsko we will make a stop on the beach of Krka River. With her dark green colour and rich flora and fauna, she is the queen of the region.

Each van will prepare its own lunch at the river. It is time to chill, swim and enjoy!
Fresh and reborn we will soon arrive to Bizeljsko, where a beautiful, young family will be waiting for us.
They live in a small castle, above the big underground wine cellar.
We will park the vans safely and stop driving for one day.
Let the hedonistic games begin!
First we will take a tour to the wine cellar to try all of their amazing wines. While tasting, singing and laughing in the cellar, mother Šaha will be preparing a tasty, local, organic dinner. Her father Bojan will tell us some interesting local stories.
For thirsty ones, wine tastings can continue further in the night. Cheers!


Day 3 – Hot springs

On our last day, we will prepare the breakfast of champions, hug everyone from the family and head back towards Ljubljana.
On the way back we will stop at the natural hot spring to get rid of the hangover and come to Ljubljana fresh and happy.
We will be back to our capital at around 2 pm.
Lunch time!




–    280 € / person = share a camper van with 3 more people
–    330 € / person = share a camper van with 2 more people
–    410 € / person = two people in one van

Price is lower since you are ready to share the van with more people.
We will combine people in the vans by your desires.
Just in case, we always have extra tents if sleeping combinations does not work for you.
*If you are a musician, we can offer you a special deal. Contact us!



What’s included: 

  • 3 days retro camper van rental
  • Gasoline for the whole trip
  • 2 x sleeping
  • 2 x dinner
  • Bedding (sheet, pillow, blanket)
  • Drinking water
  • Virgin forest tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Organization + guides
  • Analog map
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Walkie talkie



DATES     =       29.9. – 1.10.,       13.10. – 15.10.    
*Flexible dates if you are a group of minimum 6 people