3 Days / Mystic lake, Olives and Adriatic coast

Day 1 – Witches, bears and bonfire

We will meet in the city center of Ljubljana, early enough to enjoy the day but late enough for you to have a good sleep, some nice coffee and a delicious breakfast.
Our guides will explain the simple rules of the game. GoVanalog is more maps, more talking, less social media, less stress. And most important – more fun! Let the analog journey begins!
We will pick the drivers of the vans. All of you can drive if you will want to. It is easy and very exciting.
We will pack ourselves in the vans and head towards our first destination.

Avoiding highways is another philosophy of the GoVanalog concept.
Regional roads are sooo much better. Easier going, relaxed and you see five times more.
Our first sleeping destination Cerknica, is not far from Ljubljana.
We will arrive to the farm, surrounded by a big old forest at around noon.

Each van will prepare its own lunch. Camper vans may be small but extremely practical.
You will be able to buy all the food you will need at the meeting point, right before the start of the tour.
After lunch we will relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Slovenia has an extremely large number of big brown bears. And guess what – at the farm they offer a tour where you can go and try to spot one. Tour starts at 5 pm.

Others will stay at the farm, play football, slack line, badminton, Frisbee or just talk and meet each other.

In the middle of wilderness we will make a big bonfire and stare in it, hypnotized. Let the fire heal you from the inside.
If we are lucky we will be able to hear the sounds of wolves howling to the moon.
We will be protected by the good witches, which by legend, live on the Slivnica hill close to the farm. . Hiiihaaaaabuuuuhuuuuuu.



Day 2 – Mysterious Lake, olive oil and Adriatic Sea

We will wake up in beautiful surroundings and count if all of us are still here. Do you remember the movie Blair witch project?
After having some delicious breakfast, we will finally explore the lake. With the canoes!
Cerknica Lake is one of the most amazing lakes in the world. Would you believe me if I would tell you that it is different every day? Its underground cave system is huge. Water is disappearing through the massive holes and caves and appearing in opposite direction also.
The locals will say – the lake is there, or sometimes it’s just simply not there.
When it is big, it is the biggest lake in Slovenia. When it is small it looks like a pond.

After a beautiful canoe ride, we will pack ourselves in the vans and continue on a regional road towards the coast. We will make a stop on a beautiful location and prepare lunch.
We will observe how the architecture is changing, from a forest, wooden style to houses made out of stone, typical for coastal areas.
In the afternoon we will arrive to the coast. First we will park the vans on our second sleeping destination – a beautiful garden of olive oil trees with an sea view.

Immediately after that, we will put on our bathing suits and jump in the sean!
And the best thing after the swim is food. Especially if it is homemade, Mediterranean, healthy. Some great local wine will feel good too. Right?

We will enjoy in some of the most amazing dishes and drinks that our coast can offer.

Time for some romantic stories? Maybe.



Day 3 – City of Piran and Castle in the caves

After the breakfast we will visit one of the most beautiful towns in the Adriatic coast. Its narrow streets, colorful houses and noisy locals will boost your energy levels.
You will have some free time to eat sea food, swim on  the Piran beach or have a great coffee. Italy is only minutes away.

After lunch we will head back to Ljubljana and  make a stop at the amazing castle, built in front of the huge caves. It is impressive, you will see.

At around 6 pm we will be back to Ljubljana. We will hug all our fellow vanalogers, guides, cry a lot and already plan for the next tour.



–    280 € / person = share a camper van with 3 more people
–    330 € / person = share a camper van with 2 more people
–    410 € / person = two people in one van

Price is lower since you are ready to share the van with more people.
We will combine people in the vans by your desires.
Just in case, we always have extra tents if sleeping combinations does not work for you.
*If you are a musician, we can offer you a special deal. Contact us!



What’s included: 

  • 3 days retro camper van rental
  • Gasoline for the whole trip
  • 2 x sleeping
  • Canoe Lake tour
  • 1 x Mediterranean dinner
  • Wine tastings
  • Bedding (sheet, pillow, blanket)
  • Drinking water
  • Organization + guides
  • Analog map
  • Polaroid camera
  • Walkie talkie



DATES     =    29.9. – 1.10.,       13.10. – 15.10.    
*Flexible dates if you are a group of minimum 6 people