1 Day / L.J. Lakers

Like always our meeting point will be at the old school exploring vehicle VW T3. Let the analog games begin!

If you saw Slovenia’s Bohinj lake you saw something. But what, if we say that there.s a lake in Slovenia, that is up to dozen times bigger?!  Hollow and waterproof as a fake Gore-Tex Jacket, Slovenia’s Carst region is one of the most versatile Carst regions in the world. With cave and underwater systems, like a Swiss cheese ecosystems burst in their forms and variety.

Our local boys will take you on a canoe safari with hidden spots for swimming and a picnic, sharing all the stories their grandfathers passed on to them.

Beside the largest lake we visit three smaller ones on our round drive, so you will definitely find the size that fits you best. What connects all four? Nature. Water. Movement. Us.



What’s included:

  • Old school VW van with gasoline
  • Visiting and jumping into 4 different lakes in beautiful natural surroundings
  • Exploring the biggest and the most mysterious Slovenian lake with a canoe boat
  • Lunch at the lake
  • Analog map
  • Use of polaroid camera


Price / person = 75 €
Duration: 8 hours

When? Everyday
*Minimum of 4 people